SFR TCU Flash for 2013+ 3.8 V6 Automatic Transmission

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Benefits of TCU tune

1. It will not necessarily add hp/tq from the TCU tune itself. However it will add drivability and peak hp by adding extra rev limiter/shifting points by modifying the TCU.
2. TCU flash will gain 400-600RPM every gear. For stock tune peak 10whp has gained just having extra rev limiter 
(*** ECU tune must be modified for stock rev limiter in order to fully unlock this feature. All SFR returning customers (Returning customers meaning original buyers who purchased tunes off of our website/custom tuning events/in person) will honor with "returning customer" fee. Those who don't have ECU tune yet will need to purchase the ECU tune from us or any vendors who will set the rev limiter on AT ECU tune higher than stock as you desire****)
3. Shifting feel will be firmer 
4. In manual mode, it will not automatically Up or down shift itself
5. Rev will bounce off the limiter (Yet ECU tune must be modified as posted above for this feature as well)
6. Still retains all OEM safety/reliability feature

2 ways to purchase TCU tune

1) Mailing-in your TCU tune (Those who can have downtime with the vehicle *WITHOUT TCU, car will not be able to be driven)
1. Purchase the flash here
2. Mail out the TCU with prepaid return label (preferred by UPS or Fedex. Not accepting anything USPS stamps and you WILL be charged for shipping/handling)
3. We mail your flashed TCU back out within 1-2 business day(s) after its delivery

2) Purchasing pre-flashed TCU and returning the stock TCU as a core
(Those who can't have their cars down for a while).
1. Purchase the pre-flashed TCU (There will be core deposit fee of $200).
2. We mail out the pre-flashed TCU to you (*Since we are paying for the shipping/handling,  there will be additional $30/$50 (reg/express) shipping fee)
3. Customer install the re-flashed TCU to make sure everything is ok. 
4. Custom returns their original TCUs as a core.
5. Once we receive the core back, we inspect the core TCU. Then, we will reimburse the core deposit back to customer's account. 
(CORE TCU must be returned within 3 weeks after receiving the pre-flashed TCU. We will NOT reimburse any deposits after 3weeks and consider that you want to keep your original TCU as a spare)
** In short... Paying additional $30 at the end will insure that your car will not out of commission while TCU is being flashed/shipped (If you've decided to mail in your own TCU).

- Unlike ECU tunes, TCU tunes are resellable and work with same model vehicles (ex. TCU from 3.8 BK2 AT will work on any other 3.8 BK2 ATs)
- Off-road use only 
- Any additional questions/inquiries, please contact us [email protected] or use CRM request.



SFR ECU Reflash for 2013+ 3.8 V6
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