SFR ECU Reflash for 2.0T

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***** PLEASE NOTE!! SFR USA will be out of country from Aug 1st - Aug 24th, 2023. During this time, we will not be accepting any MAIL-IN ECU flash orders. PLEASE MAKE SURE NOT TO mail in any ECUs during this time. We will not be responsible for any loss/delay. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused and thanks for your understanding! *******

General ECU Reflash Information (Please read to get some basic understanding)

Gains  (Tested on Dynojet in 5th gear,  91 octane. It can vary per the vehicle and modifications)
Stage 0 :  Very minimal power gains (from AFR trim. Boost stays as factory boost. Throttle response is improved)
Stage 1 : 40-45whp 65-70lbs toque
Stage 1.5: 40-45whp 90lbs torque

- Better throttle response
- Usually gets better gas mileage (if you drive the same way)
- Less Rev hang
- Trims Air fuel ratio 
- Overall smooth powerband 
- Extra features 


!!!PLEASE READ and do your own research before purchasing!!!
Any questions other than what's stated, feel free to contact us through via CRM request page. 
We are more than happy to answer your questions. 

Basic feel of reflash

2.0T SFR ECU Reflash F.A.Q

*Video of dyno results from SFR canned tuned on 2.0T with AEM intercoler kit+piping+downpipe+axleback exhaust.

~35rhwp ~70lbs/ft gains on Mustang MD Dyno with load!

* 4th gear results (45rhwp 100lb tq on 5th gear)

- What are the modifications do we need to do?

You MUST take care of the vehicle (Just regular maintenance from oil change to scheduled Hyundai recommended items such as Spark plugs, coilpacks ,etc) make sure the vehicle is problem free and has no mechanical problems.

Canned tune is off the shelf tune that works from anything bone stock to full bolt ons. Also means you can add canned tune at anytime and start adding other bolt on modifications (intake, exhaust,etc). There is no such thing as bolt on tunes (Don't be fooled by some competitor's tactics making their tune looks superior) when there is no way of matching all the combinations of different bolt-ons you might have. 
Every car also has slight variances from factory the get-go and where you live to how you drive/take care of your car can vary results. Being said, we've seen the results over and over that canned tune works for all cars. Sure it may not be perfect but that's when you want the custom tune on the dyno ( It can be only done in person @ SFR USA or any tuning events we might have). Also means you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO run our canned tunes for stock turbo/wastegate/solenoid, injectors, etc on your bigger turbo,bigger injector, etc application. Those applications will need either different canned tunes or custom tunes.

- Retune

If you are only putting in some bolt on parts such as intake/exhaust/etc, you don't really need the retune. Flahsed ECU will act just like stock ECU that will relearn itself overtime. It only takes few seconds to reset the ECU by pulling the ECU fuse in the fuse box located near the battery. You will not loose the flash by disconnecting the battery or pulling the fuse out. ECU flash is permanent. ECU will go back to when we first flashed the ECU after the reset. If you are coming with other tuner's tune, we will have to charge extra to returning ECU back to stock first to get the basedata made. So far we are the only vendor that reuses the ORIGINAL stock data converted to tuned data. 

- Custom Tune
We are very proud of the FACT that we are the only company who offers In-HOUSE tuning solutions using In-HOUSE tuner for popular Hyundai/Kia vehicles.
Don't be fooled by some remote tuners who pretends to be working on your vehicle or just middle-man who bringing tuners from overseas. 
Our in-house tuner's been working on these vehicles from the day 1 who will have solutions and answers for you (No language translation issues, some half made answers come from the middle man).

Though you can still get great gains from canned tune, it's still a tune that is meant to be used for any cars with different mods/environment. In order to maximize and squeeze most out of current set up, custom tune is recommended. It can be only done on the dyno in-person that you'd need to visit SFR USA or come to one of our tour locations (if there is custom tunes are offered). We can also custom tune bigger turbo/injectors/etc that we've been doing. 

* Please note we have rights to refuse to tune the vehicles that are equipped with anything that we think it's dangerous or will give problems on the dyno.

Please contact and provide us pictures of the set up and list of parts on the car prior to the tune session so we can give some suggestions.

We've already done Tomei/Evo X/Evo 8/9 kit/19T turbo/GT35R/Precision 6262 turbo, BK2 OEM injectors/ 500cc/ 550cc/750cc/1000cc injectors, etc.

450rhwp Precision 6262 Turbo custom tune

19T turbo upgrade tune (303rhwp 333tq/lbs)


- VIN CODING (Pretuned ECU only Extra $25)
IF you are mailing in your own ECU, you DO NOT have to choose this option.

We can code your VIN number on pretuned ECU so there is no "VIN not matching" Check engine light and also it's easy to get inspected and such without inconvenience of switching the ECUs. IF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION, we will code with just RANDOM VIN that contains "SFR" at the end.
Those who are running BLUELINK remote start system (BK2 2.0T AT only), you MUST have matching VIN to use that feature.

- 2 Step

You can only apply this to Manual transmission for launch control.
If you have AT model and you still want to have it, we can add it. However it won't be used for launching the vehicle.
(You can use to show off and such..... as it's been requested many times)

* It's an ignition cut limiter while building the boost (about 5-7psi) that will bounce off at 4K.
We offer Brake boosting feature (BK 2.0T AT only) for Auto transmission instead.
If you select Launch control option, you WILL LOOSE CRUISE CONTROL feature from factory.

- KOREAN POPCORN (Crackle and pop )

Adds aggressive crackle and pop during deceleration letting off the gas pedal around 2-4k RPM at light throttle.
Has no gains as far as the performance goes. Sound will be depended on your exhaust set up. 

- Mail-in or Pretuned ECU (+extra core)

THERE ARE only 2 options. Either you mail in your own factory ECU (or any other ECUs that we can use) or buy a pretuned ECU from us.

Pretuned ECU will come with either brand new or refurbished (Tested and checked) working ECU from us. It depends on the availability in stock but usually takes 1-3 weeks to your door. 

If you choose I will mail in my ECU, please ship your ECU to SFR USA 281 S. Whitford Rd. UNIT 7 BACK SHOP Exton, PA19341
You MUST include prepaid return label from UPS or Fedex (for USPS, do it at your own risk.. no stamps allowed).

Turn-around time is UP TO what kind of shipping you'd use. We can flash it the same day and drop it off usually (Unless we are closed for certain occasion,
some mishaps with shipping company, etc). Please make sure to just send ECU unit (No bracket or TCU(For AT) attached). Also make sure to put your
order number somewhere on or in the box, at least some name that we can trace.
We also do not need a picture of your stock ECU as long as what you choose correct info in drop-down menu.

Due to how webstore is set up it's being advertised as "Free shipping" however you have to choose either $20 reg shipping or $50 express shipping (This shipping is from our location @ SFR USA) for PRETUNED ECUs ONLY. We apologize for the confusion here. 

This is one of the main factors we can produce more power safely. Don't ever run cheap low quality gas in your vehicle and expect it to perform.
Yes, Hyundai will tell you that you can run 87+ but that's with stock timing and boost map. As we are advancing those categories from the tune, you will have more gains from having higher octane YET less chance of detonation and such. 

Our best advice is always stick to well know brand gas stations and stick with highest octane as possible. You can still go up on octane for fueling (For instance you chose a tune for 89 octane and putting in 93 octane) but you CAN NEVER do it other way around.

As stated above, your vehicle must be in great shape prior to run more aggressive tune. One of the maintenance items you should change at least every 30k miles are the spark plugs. Since the tune will add more boost and advance more timing (thus will make more heat in each cylinders), we recommend running one or two step colder plugs. 
What works the best from our experience is NGK2309. Factory gap from NGK (0.030) has been working great but you can gap them down to 0.028 for less blow by.

- Warranty

ECU orders are custom orders per base so that all sales are final.
If you have to add or correct your order, please contact us ASAP. 
Anything that's our fault on the tune, we fix for you without a doubt.
Any changes we have to make for canned tunes, we will have to charge $100 for any retunes in the future. 

We don't guarantee anything about Hyundai's warranty with ECU flash. 
Get this service/product at your own risk just like any other aftermarket parts you put on.

However, it's not obivously seen or detected compared to any visible mods such as intake/exhaust/etc.

We always use original stock data pulled then modified to tuned data (if mailed in), so all the calibration data and other ECU functions remains exactly the same as stock

Or you can just switch your untouched stock ECU for dealership visits (if you order pretuned ECU).

- Feedbacks

We've been getting bunch of positive and "WOW" responses, but feedbacks are all over the places that can't get all of them at one place.
We've been collecting some of feedbacks that we can find and it's here:
(Please read through the initial thoughts and impression that fellow Genesis owners have experienced) 

SFR 2.0 T Reflash Review & Feedback Thread

Any questions please do not hesitate contact us.

***** PLEASE NOTE!! SFR USA will be out of country from Aug 1st - Aug 24th, 2023. During this time, we will not be accepting any MAIL-IN ECU flash orders. PLEASE MAKE SURE NOT TO mail in any ECUs during this time. We will not be responsible for any loss/delay. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused and thanks for your understanding! *******
5 Stars
Holy shiiii!
So i got the stage 1.5 & maaan this thing pulls now.. It's only been half a day since i've installed this ECU so maybe it'll be better once it starts relearning itself over time. It pulls hard in all gears. Can't wait till the next few days. Thank you Jay for answering all my noob questions.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from California . on 11/1/2018
5 Stars
Sfr Stage 1.5
Just got my Ecu sent in from sfr and so far i love it. Great customer service and product. You have my business!
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Reviewed by:  from Ny. on 12/31/2019
5 Stars
how do i make my car pop
i purchased the korean popcorn thing and so far my car isn’t popping can feel the power forsure though
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from sacramento. on 8/4/2020
5 Stars
Must have for any 2.0T
I drove down for this tune from pittsburgh and my god was it worth the drive!! Took roughly 20 minutes for Jay to remove my ECU and flash it with the stage 1.5 tune. The power increase is noticable as soon as you get on the throttle. All the power starts to comes on at 2k rpm and holds steady to redline. I could not be happier with this tune. Really brings the car to life. Thanks guys!
Did you find this helpful?  8 of 9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from pittsburgh. on 6/5/2020
5 Stars
Sfr 1.5 tune
I haven't got my product yet, but I'm excited to get it. I've heard some horror stories about the customer service but they contacted me to verify my info before they shipped to insure a good product and are answering all my questions in a timely manner. I'm thoroughly impressed so far. Thanks to jay
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Indiana united states . on 4/28/2020