General ECU reflash information

General Information 

What is ECU Reflash?
- ECU Reflash means using stock ECU data and modifying parameters that are mainly related to performance and fully flashing it back onto either stock or another ECU. 
It would be a permanent flash whether you reset the ECU or not (It will go back to the setting where it was freshly flashed when it's been resetting by pulling ECU fuse or negative terminal of battery)

Tools we use
- Some of you may not be familiar with the way of our tune, but this is very popular and considered as only solution for perfect tune using OEM ECUs in European countries.
This applies the same for any vehicles using European ECUs such as Simens (Continental), Delphi, etc, and most Hyundai/Kia vehicles use these ECUs like our Genesis Coupe.
Our tool can read, write, and overwrite the datas to OEM ECUs which means we can save the OEM data from ECU, then modify and overwrite it or even clone it onto other ECUs.

Before we get into detail

- Voiding warranty?
SFR International Inc. does not guarantee anything about warranty. 
ECU Reflash is for off-road use only and do it at your own risk. 
However, it's already been proven over and over by bunch of our customers that the way we do the flash (reusing stock data), dealership can not detect the flash while your tuned data retains all stock informations.
If you are worried about warranty, the best way to do it is buying extra ECU so stock ECU is never touched and can be switched out for any purposes. 

Why SFR ECU Reflash?
SFR International Inc. is located both Seoul,Korea and Springfield, PA 19064
We have a full supports from Korean office and affiliated shops over in Korea but mainly all the tunes are developed/tested IN HOUSE.
We are very proud to say we are the one and only place that's offering full flash solutions for variety of Korean vehicles/model/year in house. 
All the base data are made and released to public tested on the road and the dyno, yet we can always here to fix problems if there is any. 
Since we do everything in house, there is no down time if you are mailing in ECU (same day service), visiting our shop (done in less than an hour with test-drive), or ordering a pre tuned ECU.
We have already 8000+ happy customers on SFR ECU Reflash (April 2018) and we keep releasing updates/optional add-ons/tunes to enjoy the car more and more in safe range.

Ways to get ECU Reflash from us.

- Mailing in your ECU to our location here @ SFR USA (Exon, PA 19341)
Buyer pays for the shipping both ways, so there is extra cost involved in shipping the ECUs while car is down without the ECU.
Customers can still definitely save $ without getting extra ECU. 
However, there is a risk of getting some updates or anything possibly @ Dealership and Flash get wiped out by dealer which often happen to many customers.
We can always flash the ECU on the same day we receive and drop it back to shipping carrier (Recommend UPS or Fedex and * you must include return label) and it's a matter of what customers use on shipping for turn around time.

- Buying a pretuned ECU.

This is the most ideal and efficient way we recommend.
We also have a new Pretuned ECU pricing that will save you $100 on the flash (January, 2013).
Brand new ECUs are going for at least $900-1200+ at Hyundai dealerships but we can get the same ECUs much cheaper (i.e., Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T ECU is $300 and 3.8 V6 ECU is $390 @ our cost) from Korean office. 
Customers still need to send us pictures of ECUs for us to verify the ECU version so we can match it.
We do not always have brand new extra ECUs in stock so it can take 3 business days to 2 weeks depends on our inventory level.

<Examples of ECU pictures>

- 2.0T Genesis Coupe

- 3.8 V6 Genesis Coupe ECU
- Veloster Turbo ECU

PROs and CONs about our ECU reflash

- We save your ECU data which means we can always turn your ECU back to stock condition or any datas customer want us to reflash (If you are mailing in your ECU to our location) or your stock ECU is untouched while we can send you a PRETUNED ECU

- Since we are modifying your stock data, everything will be perfectly functional(including cruise control) while you get much better throttle response, increase in hp/torque, rev limiter raised, Speed limit released, TCU fully functional, etc.. 

<*This part is quoted from another website*>

-Cost Effective – No need to spend thousands of dollars on a standalone ecu, then pay more for it to be installed – works with the hardware you already own!

-Discreet/invisible modification – There is no way to tell that the factory ecu has been reflashed. This means that your factory warranty will not be effected, and your insurance company isn’t going to worry

-Retain factory driveability – With reflashing, you only alter the aspects of the mapping that require adjustment. This means that the factory cold start, idle control and driveability are retained.

-Retain Factory Safety Features– Reflashing retains all the factory safety features such as knock protection, active knock control and dual octane maps for fuel and ignition timing.

-Improved Fuel Economy – Retains the factory closed-loop air fuel ratio control to provide the sort of economy that most aftermarket ecus can only dream of. Recalibration of target air-fuel ratio can also provide better than stock cruise economy.

-Closed Loop Boost Control (2.0T)– In many situations we can recalibrate the factory boost control system to provide excellent boost control without the need for an expensive standalone boost controller. 

-Retain OBD2 Diagnostics – The factory ecu can still be interrogated with typical OBD2 scan tools for full diagnostic output if you have a sensor error resulting in a CEL fault on your dashboard.

-Variable Cam Control – On late model vehicles the cam timing can also be controlled and adjusted. This can provide earlier turbo spool-up as well as improved power and torque.

-Quick Turnaround – Reflashing can be performed inside a day, and we can also do the job while you wait if required.


- We need to open up your ECU in order us to use reflash tool which is completely harmless to your ECU (Only if you are mailing it in)

FYI, it will not damage your ECU in any ways and it will look the same and work the same way once it's done.
(We will be posting some videos how to take out the ECU for customers)