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SFR Base canned tunes for bigger turbo applications 

We've been collecting lots and lots of datas offering custom tunes with bigger turbo over the years and decided to offer base canned tunes for those who can't do the custom tunes in person. This tune may not be spot on being a canned tune but will give good base tune to run bigger turbo applications (We still need to know what exact size of turbos and vehicle set up in memo section upon check out).

- Bigger injectors
Stock injectors will run out at around 240-250whp ish.
You will need bigger injectors to compensate the extra air from the bigger turbo. We have good base maps for BK2 2013 2.0T injectors/DW550/750cc of your choice. 
Fuel pump isn't really necessary (unless engine is built and trying to target more than 400whp)

- Boost control
ECU does not control the boost anymore. You must figure out the base boost (on the internal/external waste gate) and set the boost with boost controller (Manual or Electronic). You want to have the preset about few pounds less than your targeted boost. (Ex. If you are going for 18psi you want to have base spring around 14-15psi. You won't be able to target 18psi with 4psi base boost... or you can't target 18 psi boost with 25psi base spring. This is universal factory 

- Dyno
Definitely you want to do at least first few passes on the dyno makings sure of all installs are correct/ vehicle is free of leaks/ no parts are failing/ setting up the boost /etc) 
Dyno shop with some tuning experience should be able to set the good amount of boost for the vehicle. Usually without meth kit we recommend around 18psi boost or less (20-21psi with meth kit).

- Gains are all depended on what turbo you are using and what boost you are setting at.

- All features we offer for stock turbo canned tunes are available to be added on.

Base tunes will still give you

- Better throttle response
- Less Rev hang
- Trims Air fuel ratio 
- Overall smooth powerband 
- Extra features 


Option to purchase from BK2 OEM 2013 injectors (Good up to 400whp) + washers ($120) to DeatschWerks 550cc (Good up to 450whp) or 750cc injectors (Good up to 520-550whp). 

- VIN CODING (Pretuned ECU only Extra $25)
IF you are mailing in your own ECU, you DO NOT have to choose this option.

We can code your VIN number on pretuned ECU so there is no "VIN not matching" Check engine light and also it's easy to get inspected and such without inconvenience of switching the ECUs. IF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION, we will code with just RANDOM VIN that contains "SFR" at the end.
Those who are running BLUELINK remote start system (BK2 2.0T AT only), you MUST have matching VIN to use that feature.

- 2 Step

You can only apply this to Manual transmission for launch control.
If you have AT model and you still want to have it, we can add it. However it won't be used for launching the vehicle.
(You can use to show off and such..... as it's been requested many times)

* It's an ignition cut limiter while building the boost (about 5-7psi) that will bounce off at 4K.
We offer Brake boosting feature (BK 2.0T AT only) for Auto transmission instead.
If you select Launch control option, you WILL LOOSE CRUISE CONTROL feature from factory.

- KOREAN POPCORN (Crackle and pop )

Adds aggressive crackle and pop during deceleration letting off the gas pedal around 2-4k RPM at light throttle.
Has no gains as far as the performance goes. Sound will be depended on your exhaust set up. 

- Mail-in or Pretuned ECU (+extra core)

THERE ARE only 2 options. Either you mail in your own factory ECU (or any other ECUs that we can use) or buy a pretuned ECU from us.

Pretuned ECU will come with either brand new or refurbished (Tested and checked) working ECU from us. It depends on the availability in stock but usually takes 1-3 weeks to your door. 

If you choose I will mail in my ECU, please ship your ECU to SFR USA 281 S Whitford Road Unit 7 BACKSHOP, Exton PA 19341.
You MUST include prepaid return label from UPS or Fedex (for USPS, do it at your own risk.. no stamps allowed).

Turn-around time is UPTO what kind of shipping you'd use. We can flash it the same day and drop it off usually (Unless we are closed for certain occasion,
some mishaps with shipping company, etc). Please make sure to just send ECU unit (No bracket or TCU(For AT) attached). Also make sure to put your
order number somewhere on or in the box, at least some name that we can trace.
We also do not need a picture of your stock ECU as long as what you choose correct info in drop-down menu.

Due to how webstore is set up it's being advertised as "Free shipping" however you have to choose either $20 reg shipping or $50 express shipping (This shipping is from our location @ SFR USA) for PRETUNED ECUs ONLY. We apologize for the confusion here. 

This is one of the main factors we can produce more power safely. Don't ever run cheap low quality gas in your vehicle and expect it to perform.
Yes, Hyundai will tell you that you can run 87+ but that's with stock timing and boost map. As we are advancing those categories from the tune, you will have more gains from having higher octane YET less chance of detonation and such. 

Our best advice is always stick to well know brand gas stations and stick with highest octane as possible. You can still go up on octane for fueling (For instance you chose a tune for 89 octane and putting in 93 octane) but you CAN NEVER do it other way around.

As stated above, your vehicle must be in great shape prior to run more aggressive tune. One of the maintenance items you should change at least every 30k miles are the spark plugs. Since the tune will add more boost and advance more timing (thus will make more heat in each cylinders), we recommend running one or two step colder plugs. 
What works the best from our experience is NGK2309. Factory gap from NGK (0.030) has been working great but you can gap them down to 0.028 for less blow by.

- Warranty

ECU orders are custom orders per base so that all sales are final.
If you have to add or correct your order, please contact us ASAP. 
Anything that's our fault on the tune, we fix for you without a doubt.
Any changes we have to make for canned tunes, we will have to charge $100 for any retunes in the future. 

We don't guarantee anything about Hyundai's warranty with ECU flash. 
Get this service/product at your own risk just like any other aftermarket parts you put on.

However, it's not obivously seen or detected compared to any visible mods such as intake/exhaust/etc.

We always use original stock data pulled then modified to tuned data (if mailed in), so all the calibration data and other ECU functions remains exactly the same as stock

Or you can just switch your untouched stock ECU for dealership visits (if you order pretuned ECU).

- Feedbacks

We've been getting bunch of positive and "WOW" responses, but feedbacks are all over the places that can't get all of them at one place.
We've been collecting some of feedbacks that we can find and it's here:
(Please read through the initial thoughts and impression that fellow Genesis owners have experienced) 

SFR 2.0 T Reflash Review & Feedback Thread

Any questions please do not hesitate contact us.


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